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About Rod Underdahl:  I'm a long time resident of Sarasota and proud to call this piece of paradise my home since 1984.  I have seen this relatively unknown small resort town grow into sparkling city on the Gulf of Mexico. For over the last 30 years I've been a Real Estate and Mortgage Consultant in the sales and financing of residential Homes and Condos from  the Southern parts of Sarasota County to the Northern parts of Manatee County.

With my offices on Main Street in Sarasota and St. Armands Circle, my primary focus is in the "Greater Sarasota Area" including Palmer Ranch, Siesta Key, Casey Key, West of the Trail, Downtown Sarasota, Bay-front or Gulf Front, Golden Gate Point, Bird Key, St, Armands, Lido Beach and  Longboat key.

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lease contact me today: Let me put my significant ​real estate IQ to work for you!  Send an email (or)  Call 941.302.4545.  I look forward to meeting and helping you in all your real estate needs. 

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Choose Realtor-Rod: When Buying Your Florida Dream Home or Condo

I will help you find the Best Home in the Right Area at the Lowest Price!  I have a proven plan that has been very successful in helping people purchase their home from all over the United States and around the world. Please read the following testimonies from a few of my happy homeowners!

Testimonies of Past Clients That Chose Realtor-Rod

Testimony (A)   For the two of us, this was a 5 State 1400 mile move for seniors 66 and 74, Rod was there with us all 14 months willing to get us what we wanted. Because of Rod We Got The House We Wanted! Marge and Bob now consider Rod a personal friend.  Rod had local knowledge with good experience in the area. Very personable and interested in our special situation. After a year we came back to his help when we we were ready, and Rod helped us with all our questions and problems for 14 months. Many times providing good ideas or information we didn’t ask for or think of. God provided the right realtor for our needs when we needed it.

Bob and Marjorie Dressler Sarasota Florida
Testimony (B)  Rod Underdahl was truly a blessing for my husband and I. Not being from Florida, Rod helped us from Pennsylvania in our search. He never once pressured us, Rod was always there to answer any questions. He led us through the buying process with confidence, knowledge and most of all support to us. His knowledge was of the process was amazing. Rod never once said I am not sure I will get back to you. He always had the answers. Rod reviewed every document we signed to be sure we knew clearly what it was. He was always on time whenever we had appointments and kept in touch with us as needed.  We would highly recommend Rod Underdahl to anyone wishing to purchase in the area. His attention to detail is remarkable.
Tony & Nancy Minito, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Realtor-Rod's: Proven Plan to help guide you through the journey of finding your Florida Dream Home!

Real estate market data –How can you be expected to make price offer decisions in a vacuum? I spend a great amount of time and effort in collecting market data to help my buyers in their price negotiations. This data involves not only sold property prices by neighborhood, but also current listing pricing to determine the competitive nature of the market. This data is very thorough, and it’s call a Comparative (or Competitive) Market Analysis.  There are two parts, the comparison of the property you’re considering to similar properties recently sold in the nearby area.  This gives me a firm grip on what has happened in the near past, but by nature it is “past” data, thus possibly not accurate for the market as it is when you’re in negotiations.  I then do another CMA process on the currently listed properties most like the one under consideration and in the same neighborhood or nearby.  This gives me a current market snapshot so that I can adjust my valuation model and my offer to reflect the current market situation.

Thorough knowledge of your situation – Only through constant communication I can advise you properly in pricing negotiations. By understanding your motivations and financial capabilities, I can help you craft a price negotiation strategy with the highest probability of success.

Seller motivation research While it’s not always legally possible to determine why someone is selling, there are things I can glean from their listing and price activity that will allow me to help you to negotiate from a position of strength.

It’s not all about the money There are a lot of ways to negotiate a real estate deal, and they don’t always involve money. Perhaps the seller doesn’t have a lot of ability to work with you on price, but they can make other concessions that could result in a deal. I help you to take the best approach.

It’s not over till it’s over – Many real estate price negotiations involve multiple counter offers and a lot of back–and–forth. I'm with you with each counter offer to adjust your negotiation strategy accordingly. Because I can’t know the seller’s financial limitations in many deals, some buyers are elated when they cut a major low-priced deal on a home, but then after inspections they hit a brick wall in negotiations with the seller related to repairs.  The negotiation to purchase a home isn’t over with the price on the contract, and it’s best to know that a real deal at the front end could result in less flexibility after inspections in the repairs discussion.


Many buyers forget that the price isn’t the only or the last negotiation point in a real estate purchase. There are a number of contingencies and processes that happen before closing, and one that frequently causes deals to evaporate is the inspection and repair negotiation process.

Inspections in a real estate deal encompass many property aspects:

  • Structure
  • Roof
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Pests & insect infestation
  • Mold & other environmental hazards
  • Sea Walls Condition

While your deal may not require them all, and some may be combined and provided by a single inspector, it’s my job to help you to order the proper inspections, schedule them, and make sure that they’re completed on time. Failure to complete inspections and object to their results by deadline dates can result in the buyer’s inability to take any action based on the late results. I make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Once an inspection is completed, there can be issues uncovered that you weren’t expecting and want to have addressed by the seller. This is a second negotiation in the contract process. I go over inspection results with my buyers and prepare documents that are required to request seller action and corrections. Sellers do not normally have an obligation to undertake corrective action, so it becomes a critical negotiation, especially if the problems are significant.

I'm here for my buyers to assist in these negotiations as, next to selling price, inspections and subsequent repairs are the biggest killer of real estate deals. Sometimes creativity needs to be applied to keep your home deal moving when the seller balks at your repair or corrective action requests. I'm an expert, as I do every day. I also maintain an extensive contractor list that can yield just the right contractor to get a job done at a price the seller will agree to.

The key to keeping a deal going with inspection problems is for me to be involved every step of the way, as it’s something I do numerous times every year. I’ll make sure that every resource is employed to keep your home purchase on track and gain every possible concession from the sellers.


It’s both exciting and stressful negotiating a real estate purchase contract. Once it’s signed by the sellers, buyers can relax a bit, but I can’t. There are still more negotiations, document deliveries, inspections, title details and mortgage tasks to be accomplished to reach a successful closing and walk away with the keys to your new real estate property.

There are numerous and specific due dates and tasks on our average transaction checklist, but an overview of a few includes:

  • Post contract delivery of documents to the title company and ordering of a title binder or commitment.
  • Deposit of earnest money and delivery of receipt to the buyer client.
  • Helping my buyers to order inspections and coordinating them and providing access to assure they’re completed on time.
  • Coordinating timely delivery of any documents objecting to disclosures, inspection results, or title binder issues discovered.
  • Coordinating appraisal and appraiser access.
  • Working with mortgage company and coordinating delivery of documents they require.
  • Assisting my buyers with any negotiations related to contingencies, inspections or documents.
  • Constant monitoring of status of all processes at the title company.

There are a number of companies and people involved in a real estate transaction, including attorneys, surveyors, appraiser, title company, mortgage broker, lender, loan underwriter, both agents, and possibly others. Each has specific duties and requirements, and each is concentrating on doing a good job for you. However, their focus is narrow, targeted on their specific niche in the deal. As your buyer agent, I'm your “go-to” resource to bring it all together. I'm here to coordinate the activities of all of these companies and people for you.

I'm constantly monitoring those document delivery items and the work done by these people. Daily we check the progress against contractual deadlines and act on our project requirements. A lot of this activity goes on behind the scenes and you’re not even bothered. Some of it requires that we contact you and request documents or actions. Please understand that my overriding goal is a smooth transaction, and getting you through meeting all deadlines is one of our jobs. I’ll only bother you when necessary, telling you what I need and when, and moving you through to a successful closing.

There is a lot more, but those are the highlights, and many sub–tasks are related to each of them. I'm obsessed with proper follow–up and detailed coordination of every step of the closing process for my buyer clients. It’s critical that I make all deadlines and keep the transaction on track to avoid defaulting on any terms of the contract. I’ll keep your real estate transaction on track, and you’ll have the time and advice you need to assure you’ve covered all of the bases prior to closing.